Hamstead 2 Rabbits IPA

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Aug 14, 2018
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Kit made to 22 litres at starting SG of 1040 - and incudes 25g of hops; no idea what type or mix. Yeast labelled '69'
Started well - slow finish to fermentation. Hops added towards end of fermentation .
Bottled with 140g of priming at SG 1018 - maybe too early
Results - well, anyone reading my posts knows I am no gourmet - this was a bit frothy so I think bottled too early - however it's very tasty and friends have knocked it back very happily.
I have since ordered the 3 Rabbits version.
I would certainly do this kit again. The containers are screw cap - and the wife is re-using them for storage of food in the kitchen- a small bonus.
I can't find a way to add a picture of kit contents.
Have to say all the Hamstead brewing kits to date have been v good

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