Hazelwood’s Brewday Part 2

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I’ve got that bitter in the fermentation cabinet. This is another dependable brew and again the numbers all hit home.

I’m getting another brew on tomorrow and having just noticed it’s been a year since I last brewed a Czech lager, that’s what I’ll be brewing.

The last beer in this tranche will be an American Pale Ale, my Butterfly Effect.

The first beer of the next tranche will, I think, be a NEIPA version of my Summer Breeze ale utilising that “Saturated” yeast I won as part of my prize from LAB Open.
Despite what I said 2 posts ago, my final beer in this tranche is going to be another batch of my Full English…

Today we went out for a pub lunch with friends and I was drinking cask ale. My own bitter is very nice and even won a gold award from CAMRA but it isn’t a cask ale and I’d like to see if I can get a bit closer to a cask ale without buying a load more gear so I have a cunning plan.

I’m going to brew the beer just the same as usual but instead of kegging the beer and force carbonating it I’m going to put it in one of the King Keg pressure barrels I’ve been trying to give away for the last two years along with 40g of priming sugar and let it carbonate and condition for a couple of weeks. Then I’m going to put it on a high shelf and connect the tap from the pressure barrel via a length of tubing to one of my keg taps (which will be lower than the base of the pressure barrel). The beer will be dispensed via gravity and a little pressure from CO2 in the pressure barrel which I will replace as the beer is poured by a low pressure CO2 feed.

I’ve no idea if this will work as I hope but I feel that it could 🤷‍♂️. I’ll let you know, I’m brewing the beer tomorrow.
That’s it, my fermentation cabinet is full so no more brewing for a few days.

Today I brewed a second batch of my Best Bitter, this batch will go in a King Keg primed with 40g of sugar and once ready will be fed under gravity to one of my taps. Photos show the wort being transferred to the fermenter and the beers now fermenting in the fermentation cabinet.

The Pirate Pale was also dry hopped today - 30g each of Ernest, Olicana and Jester. They’ll be in there 5 days until the beer is kegged.

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What's your secret for a trub free transfer @Hazelwood Brewery ? My wort is clear like that in the middle of transfer but the beginning and end are very trubby (if that's a word).
First use protofloc then chill quickly and then leave it to settle for a couple of hours so the muck all settles to the bottom. Finally, leave the last 1-2 litres of muck is the boiler.

I should also have said I recirculate the wort through the grain bed while mashing. This takes out a lot of particles leaving fairly clear wort from the mash.
That's exactly what I've done in the past, even left it overnight to settle out. The tap in my boiler/kettle must be low as I don't seem to be able to eliminate the first litre or so that is very trubby as it settles at the tap entry. Then as the level drops, I throttle the flow back but trub is still pulled off the top. Going to try syphoning my next brew.