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Jul 23, 2020
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Hello from Skelmersdale, I'm a newish brewer, I've been using these forums to help me through my first few months, and have found them invaluable.
I started in March with a Northern Brewery extract/ grain amber ale brrew that came with a beginner's kit. The temp was too high when I pitched the yeast and though drinkable it had a low abv and was a bit watery.
Next was a Beerworks Sierra IPA kit
Of which I drank a few, but ended up dumping the rest.
On to a Beerworks Irish Stout & then a German Wheat Beer both of which were a great success and even good enough to share!
The novelty of bottling soon went so I bought a keg and filled it with a Festival Landlord kit, it ended up with a very bitter taste that made it unpleasant to drink.
My latest effort is a Festival Weiss Beer and is in my opinion just as, if not better than the stuff I used to buy.
The biggest lessons I've learnt is the importance of temperature control whilst fermenting and making sure everything is clean and sanatised.
started looking at electric water boilers with a view to start doing all grain, probably BIAB, so will be pouring over these forums yet again to obtain the knowledge I need to succeed.
So thank you, one and all.