Help with Guinness tap & Nitro set up in home bar.

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Jul 11, 2013
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Hallow lads n lasses.
i’ve never set up Nitro, i got a simple understanding.
see the vid clip, can you tell me beer line fitting etc?
i can get beer gas, but a link on suitable nitro regulator would be mint!
A question i heard that it doent matter length of beer line (unlike Co2) is that right?
the idea until i dial in a recipe either a guinness clone or irish stout using a 10l small keg. this can store in upright fridge! when ready to pore, attach gas and beer line in the bar!
hope this makes sence? lol
any help be mint
in cold light o day!
for all i need to confirm the cut off beer line (looks bigger than 3/16, maybe be 5/16?) i should of done more investigation!
soooo the plan o action is actually is me set up at my home a stout guinness tap to kegerator.
hunt a good reliable tap and reg, any links to help please be mint!
same time the hard part it perfect the recipe(s)
10l small batch in each draft obv saving money!
overall aim is my pal once recipe is fine tuned, come over sample it and make a decision wether the to put nitro in his pub! he asked bout line cleaning so showed him the set up to weekly n month.
as he only uses the pub fridays nites the 10l kegs are ideal (depends on how many sup the nitro! ) if he plans a garden party bbq i’ll do 19l batch!
do you think this works?
it done my head in last night trying to see if the guinness faucet/tap size o beer line!
i should of looked further as i said maybe further up a quick connect or coupler where the cut of line was!
the two kegland kegs rated to 35psi m 70E43A21-D3DE-41AD-8057-00B9C0153CB1.jpeg
and my beer line cleaning
off to look at my recipes.
hope you all have a sunday chill.
Hallow M8, soz late to get back you.
Got them from Angel home brew (not sure on the name) im on tablet ATM so I'll try n get the link.
Love them mint for small batches. Might use one just for cleaning/line cleaning .
Get back to you mate Bri
You are right beer line length not a regulating factor for a beer gas setup provided you have a nitro tap with restrictor plate.
70 Nitrogen 30 CO2 beer gas at 30 to 35 psi.
You can buy an adapter to use on high pressure capable CO2 regulators or a dedicated Beer gas regulator ( kegland make one ).

It's very important that you do not brew or carbonate your stout ( or beer ) to much more than 1.2 vols of CO2, otherwise you will pour foam on your beer gas.
I'm not sure why you need to use the Keg King 10litre kegs because the beer is only going to be drunk once a week, I put my stout in a 20 litre keg and it lasts for months ( provided kept cool). Changed the keg of tropical stout I put on tap towards end of may 23 at the beginning of March.
However with low turnover smaller keg will allow you to introduce variety more frequently.
I only clean the beer lines every month on my keg system, using same arrangement as you have with pump, I use warm water, then warm PBW and then starsan.
I have used caustic cleaner and have heard very good things about the purple line cleaner that changes colour once the line is clear.

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