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Feb 5, 2022
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Good day to you all.
I've been viewing the forum for a while and have been very impressed with the wealth of knowledge and the help that is given here so thought I'd sign up. I have just started brewing again since my previous foray into the world of brewing in the 70's. My Dad was an avid kit brewer back then and I used to help him out when time and my busy social life permitted, I was around 18 and had better things to do as you can well imagine!
I started my recent brews using Young's and Mangrove Jack Kits and was really surprised with the results that could be obtained, so, so much better than the 70's Boots kits. I have recently purchased a Brewzilla 35L and have made my first all grain brew an ESB, which is currently in the fermenter, I cant wait to try it.
Cheers all and happy brewing.