House Bitter - development

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Jun 9, 2017
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Attempt 1

Since moving to "lower" ABV brewing, I've wanted to start working on a 'house' bitter. Something I've always got a few bottles of, in the back of the cupboard. Now, I do like TT Landlord and my previous attempts ("Ptolemy Tylers Innkeeper") have come out very well, but just too strong getting up to 6%. So that's my starting point. Something vaguely like TT Landlord/BoltMaker but nearer 3% ABV. Starting point was Graham Wheelers BYOBRA then cut down a bit.

2kg Maris Otter
500g Munich
165g crystal light
165g flaked barley
40g chocolate (cold steeped)

Mash 69/70C for an hour+ in ~14L water

sparge to preboil vol of ~20L

25g EKG 35 min
16g Styrian Golding 35 min
16g Styrian Golding 5 min

CML real ale yeast

Into fridge at 19C till done (probably 8 days)

I use Brewfather which suggests I should end up with ~17L @3.2% OG of 1039 & it's down to 1010 (Monday morning) so it's probably going to end up not far off 4%. Will need a tweak to get that down next time & may be a bit short on IBU as a result. Again, something for next time. Roll on 3 or 4 weeks for the first taste.