I'm going nuts over hazelnuts

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Jun 16, 2022
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I have been asked by a friend to help him make a chocolate hazelnut porter. (AG) sounds fun, love porter, what could go wrong šŸ¤”.
Sooo cobbled some ideas together from many other recipes, Coco nibs and vanilla pods I've used before so can handle them but hazelnuts? I want to use actual nuts, basically because my son has a 2kg bag of them. Head retention may suffer but it's what's under the head that matters most. Quantity is proving to be the elusive factor for a 5g batch. I'm thinking, 200g toasted and soaked in vodka or decent scotch for 3ish weeks before adding after primary and then infusing till it tastes lush? Don't want to overload it but definitely don't want to come up short. Anyone used actual nuts as opposed to extract? Ta in advance.
Use extract. If you look through the hundreds of peanut butter threads it becomes obvious that extract works better and is easier than nuts even powdered fat free pb2 or the like. . It wonā€™t kill the head it will annihilate it. No head. Hazelnuts are especially oily and beer and oil donā€™t mix lol
If you must use your nuts. Sorry couldnā€™t resist. Make hazelnut butter and let it sit for several weeks, pouring off the oil that collects on top every few days. Donā€™t throw that out hazelnut oil is like gold. Make some cinnamon hazelnut aoil butter or something for scones.

Unfortunately I have a feeling that a lot of aromatic compounds will be in the oil and you will lose a lot of hazelnut flavor thatā€™s why the extracts work better IMO
I looked into using a colleague's hazelnuts in a stout, he has a small orchard. Also stumbled with the oiliness of the nuts. Think roasting them was the advice I gleaned, but never went through with it...
Uncle Roy's Hazelnut super strong extract stuff on its way. I have some nuts in vodka soaking so may try some porter with both and see how it goes. Or incorporate the home made stuff with cream and biscuits and stuff and just indulge. Such hardship šŸ¤Ŗ
Well, a second yeast addition did the trick. Once done it got Coco nibs, vanilla pods (both whiskey soaked) and 10ml Uncle Roy's Hazelnut brewing essence. Matured 3 weeks and I had to try. The advice was well given gents, rescued from the brink of disaster and now, eminently drinkable. Hit the 6.5% target and it's delicious. Bottoms up!


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Invented? Stumbled blindly maybe šŸ˜‚
The fun is seeing how it comes together, never before concoctions that actually taste nice. Trying a hazy hoppy pale next, see what mess I can make of that.

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