Inspired by Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted

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    This is really close in flavour to the original. I put it together based on tips from another forum with some changes of my own. The hop flavours are just amazing - as good as any hop-forward craft ale. Think of a really floral and aromatic east european pilsner with the silky body of a pale bitter.

    Mine is two weeks into conditioning and already tastes fantastic out of the pressure barrel but I bottled some and those are still a little too bitter and clearly need more time to mature. It develops a chill haze (probably due to the wheat) so best to serve at room temperature if you care about perfect clarity (I don't).

    Here's the recipe for a 20 litre batch size at 70% efficiency. I got all ingredients from brew uk and the hops were in pellet form.

    3.00 kg    Lager Malt (2.5 EBC)      Grain   80.6 %        
    0.24 kg    Cara Gold (10.0 EBC)      Grain   6.5 %         
    0.24 kg    Oats, Flaked (2.0 EBC)    Grain   6.5 %         
    0.24 kg    Wheat Malt   (3.9 EBC)    Grain   6.5 %         
    25.00 g    Perle [7.60 %]                   - Boil 60 min    Hop
    30.00 g    Hallertauer Hersbrucker [2.30 %] - Boil 15 min    Hop
    30.00 g    Hallertauer Hersbrucker [2.30 %] - Boil 10 min    Hop
    25.00 g    Celeia [2.10 %]                  - Boil 5 min     Hop
    10.00 g    Bobek [2.80 %]                   - Boil 5 min     Hop
    25.00 g    Celeia [2.10 %]                  - Boil 1 min     Hop
    10.00 g    Bobek [2.80 %]                   - Boil 1 min     Hop
    50.00 g    Bobek [2.80 %]                   - Dry Hop 4 Days Hop
    1.0 pkg    Safale American  (DCL/Fermentis #US-05)    Yeast
    IBU: 35.5
    EBC: 5.5
    I did BIAB and the procedure I used was:

    Total water for everything: 27.4l. Saved about 5l from the total for a sparge.
    Water source: Sainsbury's Basics (Salifert reading 0.1)
    CRS: 34ml to total
    Gypsum 3g to total
    Mash at 66C for 90 mins
    Boil for 75 mins

    SG: 1.044
    fermentation: 14 days total at 18C. FG: 1.010, ABV 4.4%
    after 9 days: dry hop with 50g Bobek pellets.
    after 12 days: raise temperature to 20C to finish fermentation
    after 14 days: stir in 0.5 tsp gelatine dissolved in half pint 66C water. cold crash started

    Cold crash for 5 days then barrel and bottle.
    Condition: 2 weeks in the barrel, more for the bottles. Colour is light golden.

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