iSpindel Digital WiFi Hydrometer

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Mar 16, 2018
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Got my hands on one of these wee gadgets from a gent on another brewing page.

He assembles them (which includes the tricky soldering, etc), flashes the software and loads in a base calibration. They're shipped without a battery (due to posting restrictions/headaches) - but they're only £5 odd to buy online; or available from all vape shops apparently:

The setup guide is fairly comprehensive and easy to follow, although I did have some difficulty (unsurprising with my tech savvy these days) - I was up and running fairly quickly. I did have to redo the base calibration (calibrated once in 1.000 water and then a graph derived average through the gravity range based on averages from a collection of units I believe), but this is understandable given that the angle of tilt which measures your gravity is governed by the weight of the battery. Buying my own battery, it would have been nearly impossible for it to be the exact same weight. I will have to run through the thorough calibration to make it perfect though, again with the differing weight of the battery, etc - but this shouldn't take more than 20 minutes and is a once only affair.

Setup of a free Ubidots account was easy enough and after a bit of trial and error with making graphs, I think it's turned out pretty good. Again, those more tech savvy and also those who aren't inept like me, could probably make way better overlaid graphs and gauges to boot.

Think I was £32.90 for the pre-assembled iSpindle (£30 +2.90 postage), £4.99 for the battery and £2.50 for a used WiFi range extender (ferment in the garage so connection to the router isn't ideal). So around £40 all in for something which arguably does the same job as the Tilt is quite amazing. So far so good, I'm very impressed and it's fun watching the trends remotely.

Was reluctant to invest in a Tilt, due to it's substantial cost - but a friend gave me a shout about this £30 alternative so thought why not.

Would recommend highly to those interested in gadgets, at a price that's respectable.

The lad who builds them up, a Rolls Royce automation engineer, puts them up on his eBay as and when:

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