Kenridge Classic Sauvignon Blanc

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Mar 3, 2019
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Hi all.

This is my virgin experience at winemaking...and I made a fair hash of it.

I followed the instructions and added the bentonite packet to the bucket and then added 500mls of water. "stir well", the instructions said. Man! I was stirring forever and found it so hard to break up this clay substance. In the end I still had big glbules of the stuff at the bottom of the bucket.

Question: How do you mix the bentonite? I read somewhere on the forum that they add it to a blender to form a paste. Well, Im not messing up our blenders with this gunk. I now add the contents to a 500ml glass measuring jar and pour in boiling water little by little (stirring for what seems forever) to take it from clay to slurry. Anyone have better tips for this laborious process?

My first stupid mistake was adding the contents of the wine bag to the bucket but not reading the instruction to top up the bucket with water.aheadbutt

Consequently, my hydrometer reading was a nonsense reading and, ultimately, I had no way to determine the approximate end alcohol content.

What's more, I added the yeast and let it do it's thing for at least 36 hours before I realised I hadn't topped up with water.

Question: What effect would this have had on the eventual finished wine? All we can say is that it seems to carry quite a kick. Two glasses gives quite a buzz! Could it be that the alcohol content is higher as a result of my mistake?

For the first two weeks I simply had a teatowel covering the hole in the bucket lid. Then I bought some airlocks and camden tablets and did the proper thing.

I probably racked it off around 3 times and then again to get it into the bucket with the tap for easy bottling. Only on the 3rd rack off did I add a camden tablet.

End result: Superb!!
The wine is quite yellow, but crystal clear. It's fruity as a sauvignon blanc should be and is quite delicious. This is 5 weeks after beginning, so am hoping what I've bottled is going to be even better in 2 months time.
Conclusion: Have already bought another Kenridge Classic Sauvignon Blanc which is en route.

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