Kenridge Classic Trilogy

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Mar 3, 2019
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Thanks to some of the rave reviews on this 30 bottle kit, I decided to bypass experimenting with some of the cheaper wine kits in favour of paying a bit more to ensure my winemaking wasn't stopped prematurely in its tracks by my darling wife not wanting to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

So far so good. I didn't make any errors like those made with the sauvignon blanc and appear to have ended up with a very drinkable red. It's only on 4 weeks and still in it's 2nd bucket after the primary rack-off, so today's taster won't be doing the review any justice. Anyway, it perfectly drinkable right now, has legs but is a little young and will likely benefit from being left alone for a couple of months at least.

Starting hydrometer reading was 1084 and at the two week mark (tested again as instructed) it was 992. So, as I understand it, % alcohol is (1084-992)/7.36 = 12.5%.

Will update when it's a little older.