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Oct 13, 2013
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Blyth, Northumberland
Hi guys, after my first pressed apple cider adventure, ive moved on to ale kits, but my sister asked if i can make something similar to the koppaberg mixed fruit cider for her annual summer bbq?

Is there a good kit out there or a good recipe i can follow? She wants it around 4-5% if possible.

I've not tried it yet but I hear the richies on the rocks cider kits are close. I have a mixed berry kit in the cupboard that I plan on getting going soon.
Thanks, will pick some up on the way home.

So im doing this in two 5L water bottles, going to fill up to 4.5L, leave a bit of headspace. So 4L of juice, then 1/2L of tea with 4 tea bags.

Once fermentation is complete i will rack into another two bottles, then leave to clear in the shed with some of the syrup, but unsure of how much?

Thanks for advice so far.
Syrup is best added at secondary in ciders. I make these all the time and find if it's added on the initial fermentation it leaves a horrible taste almost tangy. Added at secondary tastes more natural.
And best way to work it out is to measure some of the cider then at a bit of the syrup at a time until it tastes right. Usually I add a bit more as it ferments out and isn't as sweet.

I've also had good results from stabilising cider then adding it to the bottle with 10ml of syrup in each, gives a nice hint of the syrup.
Impressive. What sort of ratio did you use apple juice to fruit juice?

I made some pressed apple juice last year but it ended up very sharp / bitter. Cracked one last night and added 10ml of syrup to the 500ml bottle. Didnt seem to do much apart from colour it, no raspberry flavour i could detect?

Will try another but with 20ml in and use this as a guide to how much to batch prime with.
I wouldn't batch prime with syrup because depending on your tastes it it might have too much sugar to reach the taste you like. I would add syrup to the secondary I prime my bottles with 10ml syrup because that gives the taste j like and the correct sugar levels.

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