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Ingredients For Sale Lot of Malt in KT12

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Apr 4, 2021
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I have a lot of malt and other ingredients, for swap for red wine in KT12 Walton on Thames.
I can't make a list, as I can't be bothered to lift and weigh them. It's between 100-200 kg
The deal is, you turn up with 2 cases of my favourite wine(Primitivo) and after we loaded your car, you'll decide how much you leave from the 2 cases for the goodies.
The reason is, I had to give up brewing due to a house move for a while, and our second move is failed, so I don't think I can use them in the foreseeable future. They're not the freshest, but most of them being unmilled, I can't see any reason they couldn't used for brewing.
Please only message me if you can seriously turn up and have a big enough car.
Looks like you're outside the ulez zone.
I'd have to negotiate the bloody A3/M25 roadworks car park 🙁
But I don't have a grain mill.🙁
(Maybe I need to look round the museum to see if they have anything)
Or ability to store more than a couple of sacks without risk of rodent raids🙁
Oh, I forgot to mention the glycol i found, and a big bag of hops in the freezer. They're all included in the deal.

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