Magnum Premium Gold Autumn Blush

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Apr 30, 2020
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North Wales
This time the Muntons staid in the keg. The secondary fermentation must have been quite good, as the pressure is considerable.

For priming: 135g Muscovado sugar, dissolved in 200ml Aldi pressed apple juice

Last reading: 1.000, resulting alcohol = 7.47%

Anything special? = no bubbles came up when primary fermentation started so I thought something had gone wrong. In my panic, instead of rechecking gravity, I poured in a bag of Safale 04. In the end I think fermentation was always fine – maybe the gas escaped around the bung - but the additional yeast does not seem to have done it any harm. Unfortunately, I cannot say for sure whether the Safale 04 might have had any special effect on the result so that will need testing with a future kit.

Taste: the colour is a lovely deep gold; it is dry but with a good apple flavour

Comparisons: So far, I can only compare it to Ciderworks Superior Dry Oak; while that wasn’t bad at all, this is better. The taste and aroma are fuller and more appley.