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Oct 17, 2018
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AG#84 Podium IPA

Brewed this after work yesterday evening.

I'm still struggling to get this more orangey/tangeriney so I've decided to shake things up a bit:

- All the Citra and Simcoe goes in with just 5mins left in the boil, and I'll just use all the Amarillo as a dry hop. The IBUs come out lower but it should be enough.

- I've also decided to forgoe the gypsum - my water already has enough calcium plus the CRS I use has both sulphate and chloride ions, so the resulting profile is more neutral rather than strongly sulphate forward.

- I've left the ususal BRY-97 in the fridge and instead gone with Lallemand Verdant IPA harvested from AG#82 and woken up in a starter (it didn't overflow in the end!) I've been wanting to try this yeast in this beer for ages but just not got round to it while I've been busy tweaking the recipe.

15L tap water, 17.5ml CRS, half a Campden tablet, giving:
Calcium 135
Chloride 121
Sulfate 149
Alkalinity 75

1000g Golden Promise
500g Vienna
250g Munich
250g Carapils
2.0kg TOTAL

125min full-volume no-sparge mash @ 67degC

30min boil:
20g Simcoe 13.3% AAU 5mins
10g Citra 12.2% AAU 5mins
30g Citra 13.0% AAU 5mins
1/2 Britewort tablet 5mins

Will dry hop at end of primary fermentation with 60g Amarillo.

12L clear wort in the FV - more than normal which is unusual. Plus once the crud I collected had settled overnight I was able to top up with almost another litre, so this will be a tight squeeze in the keg!

Pitched Lallemand Verdant IPA starter. In the brew fridge set to 20degC and it hasn't hung about!

SRM = 4.3 (pale)
IBU = 29 (Rager)
OG = 1.039
Expect it to end up about 1.009 and somewhere in the region of 4.0% ABV.

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