Maximum fruit question

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Tommo 2

Aug 25, 2020
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I don't have a "special" recipe as such Stevie.
The main differences between my methods and the classic WOWs on this site are:-
(1) I use grape tannin powder rather than cold tea.
(2) I sugar feed the yeast ( EC-1118) from a starting gravity of 1070 until the final abv is 15-16% alcohol.
(3) The wine is bone dry which is how i like it.
(4) The only added water is whats in the syrup.(Classic 300 gravity syrup).

I am tempted however to try one with tea to see if it adds any complexity of flavour.

My next wine however will be a Blackberry,There is a "Bumper" crop ripening up here in the Scottish Highlands just now.
Any chance you could put the recipe you will using for the blackberry wine on the forum please John, would be interested in seeing how you go about it đź‘Ť