Mini keg usage, maintenance & Party Star Deluxe Part 3

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Jun 21, 2015
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PARTY STAR TAP Cleaning, Lubing & Assembly.

So here we have the tap.

To clean it its pretty easy and again if you rinse the tap after finishing a keg you shouldn't need to use a little scrubber on it. Again this is from my experience. So run Hot water through each individual piece I like that pic. Shows you where the gas is fed in from. Anyway so we've give our tap a rinse, time to lube our tap. So were going to lube the threads and the rubber rings on the tap.so the main reason we've lubed the down pipe here is to assist with keeping things air tight. Right then lets get it together. Nothing fancy here just screw it all togetherput your 16g gas cylinder in, making sure you has the gas knob turned to off screw it into place
Right now the slightly tricky part. Its easy once you've done it a few times and don't be scared to use a little force. I'll try my best to explain. Get your tap handle and tap