* November Give Away * It's Fruity!

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Feb 8, 2013
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Well done Paddy, and thanks Brew2bottle for another great giveaway.

Paddy Wood

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Jan 16, 2018
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Well firstly my apologies to Gary at Brew2bottle and to the Forum Members for the delay in this review but I have only just managed to get the kit into the fermenter today. I would also like to publicly thank Gary for his and Brew2bottle's support to this forum. So I thought I might do this review in 2 chunks - up to and including brew day and tasting.

There was a bit of delay in me realising that I had won (totally me to blame) so it took a bit of time for me to get in contact with Brew2bottle. Once I had made contact things moved very quickly and Gary was very quick to respond to my messages and I received the prize within 2 days. The kit included a Mangrove Jack Craft beer pouch and a 600g pack of LME. When I received it there was very little information on how to actually do the brew on the outside of the pack and since this was the first time I have ever brewed a kit like this I wasn't very sure what to do. I messaged Gary and he responded with a generic set of instructions. For those like me who don't know the pouch has a wet and dry section and the instruction and yeast are in the dry section. A word of warning though - cut with care when opening.

Brew day was simple. Sterilise a fermenter , add 3 litres of boiling water and the extract and LME and stir well. Top up to 23l with cold water. Add the yeast when the temperature drops below 25C. The OSG was 1.037 so the target ABV of 3.6 should be just about achievable depending on what FG is achieved. The wort tasted very fruity and quite tart so I think the end product is going to be very drinkable.

So in summary -
Service from Brew2bottle- very good and quick to respond
Ease of brewing the kit- initially not sure because of limited information but once I knew what to do it was simple
Equipment used - something to boil 3l of water in and a 30l fermenter