Once In A Blue Moon (Blue Moon Clone using kit)

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    The name of the beer is work in progress but essentially I wanted to make a Blue Moon Clone using additions (tarting up a kit) with the equipment I have to hand. I've got a few pints left of my Wilko Golden Ale & a batch of Raspberry & Mango Cider just bottled, with a Better Brew IPA to start.

    I have made a shopping list from HomeBrewShop -
    Based on a few other clones from various websites/forums/Youtube I believe the following could work:

    Muntons 500g Light Spraymalt
    Muntons 500g Wheat Spraymalt
    BrewFerm Wheat Beer 15ltr Beer Kit
    Cascade Hops 100g
    Hallertauer Mittlefruh Hops 100g
    Sweet Orange peel - crushed 100g
    Safale US-05 Beer Yeast

    I will boil about 15G of both hops, 60g of orange peel and 20g coriander seeds for 10mins or so (strain), add the spray malt and mix. Then add to the kit and extra water needed.

    I was then thinking to use another 30g of both hops for dry hopping.

    I am thinking of doing this batch over the Better Brew IPA as I can use what bottles I have now spare and also its a smaller batch of only 26 pints and I also have a bit of a craving for this style beer at the moment.

    Be interested to see what other Home brewers think? As part of my shopping basket I also added a few extra things to hopefully create a Dark IPA/Chocolate Orange IPA for nearer Christmas but will post this up on another thread.

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