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Discussion in 'Wine, Cider, Mead and Kombucha Discussion.' started by Zephyr259, Dec 21, 2018.

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    After a bunch of wonky attempts at making a good mead I've got a batch of Bray's one month mead on the go. 5 jars of Tesco orange blossom honey would have given around 1.1 sg in 5L but I need my 10L bucket for a beer so got a 5L PET demijohn, makes degassing easier as a good swirl does most of the work without having to deal with removing the lid and sanitising a spoon to stir.

    Got about 4.5L made, OG was 27 brix which is 1.115 sg but forgot to use the hydrometer. I managed to source Fermaid O so the initial dosage is half a teaspoon of Fermaid O and K, don't have K so used the easily available tronozymol. Also got 4g of potassium bicarbonate for 300mg/l potassium. I used Tesco ashbeck water and added 0.5g each gypsum and calcium chloride so I had over 50mg/l calcium. Yeast is wyeast 1388 Belgian Strong Ale.

    Degassed twice a daydby swirling until the bubbling is greatly reduced and after 6 days it was down to 1.080 and got half a teaspoon of Fermaid O. The aim is to add nutrients at 1/3 and 2/3 sugar break but with Fermaid O it's been found that adding about 10 gravity points earlier makes the yeast happier as it seems to take them some time to process the organic nutrients.

    Yesterday it was down to 1.062 so the nutrients seem to have gotten the yeast going strong again. Final nutrients are due at 1.048 which could be tomorrow. Then the degassing stops and it's left to finish and clear.
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