'Orange Moon' Hamstead Brewing

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Aug 14, 2018
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I gave this a go as I'd had the Blue Moon brew while in a restaurant. Kit had two tubs of concentrate, hops and hop oil, a sachet of 69 Yeast and a sachet of orange and spice extracts.
I made this to the advised 22l but left the hops and oil out while initial fermentation from SG 1.038 started. Hops, oil and concentrate added at SG 1.012 after about 12 days. Hop type is unknown.
I bottled this at SG 1.009 using 130g of molasses sugar. I probably bottled a little early though the settled yeast is pretty firm.
It clearly worked well - but the orange is rather over-whelming with that sort of vomit aroma you can get.
However, I am drinking it - the issue was probably the flavour sachet was in the brew too long.
I did a taste comparison with the Blue Moon beer - and decided I wasn't so keen on that either now.

Ross M

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Dec 1, 2021
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I still like Blue Moon 😋 and have had a few attempts at getting something similar. Have used Cooper's hefe wheat as a base with real orange peel, crushed coriander seeds, mandarina hops and a Belgian yeast. Have also made it with dried orange peel. I've since made it with Brewferm's Belgian Wit as the base. All have been ok. I'm going to have yet another crack at it with the Wit but dial down the coriander a bit. I used 100g but I'm going to use 50g next. I'm happy with the other ingredients.

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