Perfect draft coupler

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May 21, 2022
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I have a home garden bar with taps, gas cylinder etc which I currently use an adapter with to connect to the 5l mini kegs. I would like to also be able to use the perfect draft kegs due to the greater range of beer, but I can’t find any details about the coupler. Is the keg coupler a standard type or a Philips bespoke one for the machine? If bespoke how does the tap trigger the flow, does pulling it depress a button on the top of the keg?
Apr 4, 2021
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It's a bespoke one for the machine.
The tap pinches a rubber bit at the end of the plastic bit comes with every keg, this way it controlling the flow.
You can get a tap unit separately, if you keen on DIY you can probably get it work. But kegs are expensive, you can get the same beers in 20-30 litre kegs.
I had perfect draft for 2 years, I spent in a region of 2 grand on kegs per year.