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Equipment For Sale Pilot kit

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Jan 29, 2014
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Burton on Trent
We are selling our pilot kit which will be available in early March. We dont have enough room now after installing our new brew kit.
Welcome to visit to see it in Derbyshire.
The images are whats available

200ltr mash tun/boiler it can be used to mash or can be used as a boil kettle/hlt.
6kw ulwd removable element 2.5" tri clamp fitting for easy removal.
Mesh screen
3 ball valves
Blichmann Whirlpool port
Lid has port for cip ball (cip not included)
Sparge arm with ball spray

SS Brewtech 20 gallon mash tun
Auto sparge ball valve, can be used in either tank.

Control panel solid state relay with temp probe fitted in t piece on 200ltr tank.

1 Blichmann riptide pump
1 Chugger pump
1 Blichmann plate chiller with temp gauge, you will need a pre filter on hoppy beers before chiller, not included.

Comes with all silicone hoses, and disconnects/cam lock fittings.

All electrics will be the responsibilty of the purchaser to test by a qualified electrician.

Supplied with all cables, and 2 switches for the pumps as shown.

Boil volumes 190ltrs if you use FWH or antifoam in the boil to stop boilover.

Any questions feel free to ask.
Will donate £50 to the group once sold
Selling as a job lot, as wont post.

£2100 ono