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Nov 2, 2020
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Hi all,

I've created an excel spreadsheet (attached) to calculate the amount of priming sugar required to achieve desired carbonation level. I've been using this method with really great, consistent results for the past few months, so decided to make a spreadsheet calculator to speed up calculations.

Personally, I add priming sugar straight into the bottle after it's sanitised, rather than racking into a bottling bucket and adding it in it's liquid form, to avoid the need to stir, and oxidation. This allows me to bottle directly from the primary fermenter. I simply ensure my funnel, scoop etc. are clean and sanitised (and dry) before starting. The only exception to this is naturally carbonating a keg, for which I a) fill the keg with chemsan b) purge with CO2 c) dissolve priming sugar in as little boiling water as possible d) run into keg via beer line e) connect beer line and continue closed transfer.

For accuracy, I bought a "drug" scale, which is accurate to 0.1g increments. You'll get these on Amazon for about £6.

As you may, or may not, know, fermented beer will have a certain level of residual CO2 dissolved in it at the end of fermentation. Failure to take this into account will likely result in over-carbonated beers.

All you need are 3 things:
- the highest temperature the beer reached during fermentation
- the desired carbonation level in VOLS/CO2 (there is a style guide rough chart included on the main page)
- the type of sugar you're using (Anhydrous glucose (anhydrous dextrose), Glucose monohydrate (dextrose monohydrate), Sucrose are available)

I should add that the information is not my own, but based on the BYO magazine article available here: Carbonation Priming Chart - Brew Your Own


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