Resterilise bottles after delay in bottling

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Apr 17, 2020
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I was hoping for some advice on a couple of questions.
I have a Youngs european lager which has been in fv for 18 days, gravity seemed to settle around 1.010 after 2 weeks and I dry hopped it with a tea made from cascade pellets.
It has now crept down to 1.008 last couple of days readings. ( I think, i've included a pic - funny, most examples of how to read a hydrometer show meniscus the other way round ? ).
There are still a few bubbles in trial jar but I'm tempted to bottle it now ?

I was all ready to start bottling a couple of days ago but it surprised me with how active it seemed ( wondered if that was an effect of the hop tea ? )
hence I held off but I'd already sterilised two cases of new bottles - am I going to have to re-sterilise them ?

My other thought was to rack of the lager into the new bottling fv with tap, stick an airlock on it and leave a few days before adding priming sugar and bottling,
having learnt my lesson and checked the gravity first before getting everything else prepped !

Sample looked and tasted very promising !IMG_20200509_133446657 (2)beer pic.jpg


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Apr 20, 2015
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Planet Plasticine
Hi mate, unfortunately yes to the sanitising again unless you kept the sanitising fluid in the bottles? most sanitisers only last a couple of hours after being done

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