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Jul 11, 2020
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I do try not to use ours where possible, where ever I can I try to reverse on and can usually get it roughly where I want it. I then use the mover to tweak it if needs be and line up the wheel for the wheel lock. It's handy to have though in case of getting stuck in some tight spot somewhere. We also keep our caravan at a storage yard where it has to be backed into a relatively tight space. Sometimes after a long trip my reversing mojo has gone out the window for some reason or another so I give up and use the motor mover having tried a few times and failed 😁

As a relative newbie to caravanning I could do with more practise but its not that easy to do that so unfortunately most of my reversing is done when it needs to be.

It was really handy for returning the van to storage on my own in the past and as you say "tight between other vans".

I remember the days the mrs would dread returning from holiday and having to manhandle the old van up and over into the drive as her banksman qualities left a lot to be desired 😁

Here's to and end to this lockdown crap and great caravan weather this year though 👍🍻😁
Jan 5, 2015
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I have been in a car with park assist (basically you drive it slowly and it steers for you) but this is taking it to a whole new level -

Remote Smart Park Assist allows owners to park and retrieve their car from the tightest of parking spaces from outside the vehicle, a very convenient feature. Before a driver attempts to load passengers or luggage, the remote parking function can prove particularly useful, bringing the vehicle out of a tight space. The driver simply uses the smart key to drive the SUV forward or backward, into or out of a parking space, garage or any tight parking situation.

I love that feature. However bear in mind if you are in such tight spots and the car next to you doesn't have that feature the other car's occupants are likely to 'ding' you car as they get in or out. park assist is good thought for those parking spaces on a street where it works out where and when to turn. My parking ability varies from UBER to PANTS. No idea why just some days I'm on the money and others i'm not :confused.:


Jul 22, 2020
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South West Surrey
I don't have a posh car, I take the view that the less complex it is, the less there is to go wrong. I replace it when it becomes uneconomic to repair with something around 5 years old.
My driving style is more mpg than mph and my vehicle choice is functionality/utility instead of keeping up with the Jones's
Very unlikely I'll get anything with magic parking in the foreseeable future. The most I have is basic cruise control 😜


Dec 28, 2018
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I had a Morris Marina in '78 that could do all that and more.
Automatic pulling out into busy traffic; special suspension, wheels and tyres that could mount curbs at any speed;
Bumper to bumper parking in spaces that were initially too small.
Engine and transmission that never needed an oil change or service from new to end-of-life.
It was called, "a rep's car".
Drove the fleet manager to distraction, mind.
And you needed both hands free on the motorway so you could fill in your expenses claim sheet.
I had a Marina that would self reverse on a hill even with the handbrake on it once self reversed into another car on a hill luckily the other car was empty.

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