Should I juice or blend fruit for adding to secondary fermentation?

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Oct 23, 2013
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Howdy all

I have some blackberries and limes that I want to add to a cider kit at secondary fermentation Later today, I will be syphoning into another FV to get rid of the sediment before adding the fruit and popping back in the beer fridge.
My question is Should I be straining and adding just the juice from the fruit, or should I just blitz up and shot in the whole berries and skinned limes? Obviously this way I will end up with some bits in my cider but If it will enhance flavour I’m fine with that.
Thoughts please chaps? Many thanks.


Sep 13, 2019
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Flavours change dramatically during fermentation.
There is no need to strain or syphon if you want the fruit sugars fermented out
To do so simply adds delay to everything.
As yeast will have to rebuild a fresh colony,And in time a fresh sediment.!!!!
Just wack em in.

You wont end up with "bits",After fermentation is finished the bits will settle out.
If you are really worried use a bag for the fruit.

I should add for info only that cooking the fruit will also change the flavours,( Dramatically)

Other than that just add a spash of juice to the glass when serving.
That way you will get the origional frut flavours

Hope this helps.