So I now have a drink problem

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May 1, 2021
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It all started in March when I began my journey into vintner-ing, it all seemed so innocent and fun at the time, make pretty bottles filled with pretty and tasty liquids, what could go wrong?

The first month saw only 1 must, but the month after I couldn't help myself and ordered 2 more fermentation vessels and made 2 more musts. As I racked those musts I realised I now had 3 empty fermentation vessels and I just couldn't help myself, my resolve weak and my will power gone I made more musts.

This is where my drink problem comes in, I don't have room to store it all once the musts are bottled.
This 'hobby' has become more than I imagined, I have an addiction, I know I need help but home brewing is my new vice, not the content of the bottles, no but the making of musts, the process of the process, the art.
I have a problem, one I think may be shared by others here and I just want to know I'm not alone in this pain.
I have a burning yearning to make more musts, I have the empty vessels, I have the bottles but I have no space to house them.

Incidentally, has anyone got a good plan for a high standing bottle rack/storage with a small footprint?

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