Solomon Grundy Apricot 6 Bottle Wine Kit

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Aug 22, 2019
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So recently I made this (yes this time I actually followed the instructions and didn't ditch them half way through)

Bottled it about a month ago, thought I'd crack open a bottle over the weekend and see how it is.

Even though I managed to bottled it slightly hazy so it has a wee bit of sediment in there, it's actually a really tasty bottle.

Especially chilled. You really get a nice apricot flavour there and it goes down real smooth.

No idea what percentage it is as I rarely check these things, but it was definitely alcoholic and it stuck to the glass as they say.

I managed to get the full 6 bottles out of it as well which I was very happy with.

Highly recommend this, easy to make, very nice to drink.

Pretty reasonably priced too as I recall.

You definitely have to leave it longer than a week to ferment though. I think I gave mine a month before I bottled it.

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