Some cheap Cooper's kits combined with grapes, grapefruit and oranges experimenting

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Feb 2, 2021
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So I've just got started brewing all grain and I honestly didn't have much interest in brewing beers from kits. I had 2 spare Cooper's beer kits in storage that I somehow got as free gifts in the past. So I thought, what an amazing opportunity to experiment.

So I ended up doing this

Cooper's APA kit
1300g liquid malt extract
250g billing tons molasses sugar
5 grapefruits peels zested (no pith)
2 oranges peel thrown in with pith

SG 1.050

Cooper's cerveza kit
4lt Asda red grape juice
750g billing tons molasses sugar
500g freeze dried red grape powder (equivalent to 3kg fresh grapes).

Couldn't get the SG of this one as I smashed my hydrometer. Waiting for a new one in the post. But should finish about 7-8% abv if I estimated right.

Day 3 today and both are down to 1.010

I'm likely going to add 25g of citra hop pellets to both either dry hopping or as a tea at the end.

Both of these have a LOT of floaties in. I'm hoping to use some sort of finning to clear both of these then I would like to add a small amount of fresh yeast and prime them either in my mini kegs or bottles.


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