Some suggestions about how to connect the wifi with the Inkbird ITC-308 Wifi temperature controller

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    Hi all,
    Here are some suggestions about how to connect the wifi well with the Inkbird ITC-308 Wifi temperature controller, hope it can help you a bit.
    1. If you use the iphone, please log in to icloud first.Or you can registere and set up on an android phone, then log in successfully to that new account on your iPhone.
    2. Please make sure the phone is connected to the 2.4GHz wifi.
    Most routers are now duel band both 2.4 & 5.0 ghz, so you need to ensure they are both on the same frequency.You can separate routers if you go into the admin setting so it appears as if you have two wi fi connecions.You can also check which device is using which frequency. This is a common problem with a number of smart devices now .You can do that by logging into the router, selecting the WiFi configuration and changing the SSID. Here is a Youtube link:
    3. Press up button to quickly flash the Wifi indicator on the Wifi temp controller. If it flashes slowly, it is in AP mode.
    4. Ensure smooth network.
    5. Wifi password is correct.
    6. Please test with Inkbird Smart and Inkbird Pro app
    7. The anti virus on your phone does not block the app.
    8. The encryption method was WPA/ WPA2-PSK
    Any question when using the Inkbird units, pls feel free to contact us. :) acheers.
    The product link for the Inkbird ITC-308 Wifi:

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