Sparging Maxi BIAB

Discussion in 'General Home Brew Equipment Discussion' started by rich1985, Jan 22, 2018.

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    Hi all,

    Currently when brewing I'm maxi biabing with the following procedure for 5 ish kg of grain.

    13 litres of water mixed with the grain at a temp of 64. Then mash for 60 minutes. Drain off the wort.

    I then repeat with an additional 8 at the same temp of 64. I pour the water slowly over the grain and leave this second running for twenty minutes.

    All in all I collect 17 litres then top up. Hit the OG on the last brew. My main question is should I be upping the temp of the second 8l of water and mashing this for twenty minutes at somewhere in the 70s instead?

    Also should I buy a small watering can to act as a sparging tool (seen this in a couple of books ). I know these are stupid question and have made tasty beer up until now but trying to do whatever I can to improve. All the books I have read do not talk about maxi biab sparging (although I doubt it's much different! )

    Thanks to anyone who can help!

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