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    I brewed this a couple of months ago and cracked open the first bottle last night; I've called it Yuletide Glory:

    3kg Maris Otter
    250g Crystal 60L

    18g Target 90 mins
    30g orange peel 15 mins
    20g ginger 15 mins
    70g Hallertauer Hersbrucker 10 mins

    500g Honey post-boil

    1tsp Irish Moss added 10 mins from end

    WY3711 French Saison cropped from a Saison a few months ago.

    A 9 litre mash at 67 degC
    21 litre sparge at 75 degC

    Pre boil gravity was 1.029 giving a mash efficiency of 76-77% - which is good for me.

    OG was a little lower than expected at 1.034, and 22 litres in the FV.

    Fermented at 22 degC for 10 days, by which time FG was 1.000. Chilled down to 2 degC as my muslin bags have worn out so the pellets caused loads of sediment and trub in the FV.

    39 bottles in total at approx 4.5%, 80g priming sugar added to the bottling bucket dissolved in boiling water.

    Taste after a couple of weeks in the bottle is sublime - a hint of orange and ginger, lovely hop character and very dry and clean taste, which allows the flavour of the orange and ginger to come through.
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