Strawberry Blush Wine

Discussion in 'Wine & Cider Recipes' started by Poly Hive, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Poly Hive

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    Hi all,

    I made this some years ago but in a house move lost the recipe.

    I do though remember that 10 tins of strawberries and some sultanas were involved along with a high alcohol yeast.

    Found it and it is this:

    10 tins of strawberries 588gms.
    3 litres white grape juice
    1 litre apple juice
    1.5 litres red grape juice
    500gms sultanas
    5 litres water with 5kg of sugar dissolved
    Further 10 litres water.

    45gms citric acid
    15gms tartaric acid
    50gms Tronozyol
    5 gms yeast nutrient
    17gms pectaloseMakes 5 gallons at 14%

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