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Vogon Poet
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Sep 24, 2012
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As a Plaato keg owner I was looking for a way to display the levels on the flat screen TV my mate gave me for the Brewing Garage.
Web searches brought up a few suggestions, some attractive and some more geared towards commercial options.

After some Facebook recommendations I settled on TapItGood - It integrates with the Plaato kegs, allows me to import completed beers from Brewfather AND even better it works on any browser. I use mine on a Raspberry Pi, but you could use it on a Firestick, or your Smart TV's Web browser (if it has one). The software is live and so it will update your pulls as and when the software's set to refresh the page AND most importantly it's a breeze to use.

NB. You don't need Plaato kegs or use Brewfather to use the software, I just liked those features as an added bonus.

A quick web search for a TapItGood discount code yielded a 25% off code - HBY25, so all in all I think it's £7.50 a year.

Whilst an unnecessary frippery, it definitely looks the business on a TV and you can share the link with anyone: Warm Hugs Brew Co.

My Plaato kegs aren't currently on as I'm waiting for replacement power leads, but other than that. That's a fair reflection of the finished results. I hope someone finds this useful.