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Apr 8, 2019
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The diversity of this forum is its strength, with discussions that only relation to brewing is that they are the shared thoughts of a group of brewers. It might be better thought as Facebook for brewers... after all many of us post photos of the brews we nurture and all the nice shiny things we buy, make or ingeniate .

A caution though. As with any forum that acts as an echo chamber of similarly held views it can lead to radicalisation and alteration of what we each consider as normal. Symptoms to look out for are Corny kegs multiplying in your home, seeing brewing under pressure as an essential norm, drilling holes in fridges, and in more extreme cases, 3D printing plastic springs and thinking a 1 BBL system sounds good for use at home.

Personally I think you are all brilliant, diverse, imaginative and so often an inspirationclapa, this is a great place that I'm happy to support through membership.


Ditto 👏👏