The Mad Russian - Imperial Stout

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Jun 29, 2019
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I sent a bottle of this to @Markgee and unfortunately he reported that there wasn't really any carbonation left, apparently my keg-to-bottle method needs improvement so apologies in advance. It's perfect from the keg if anyone wants to call round for a snifter :laugh8:
It was still really good :thumba:


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Apr 12, 2016
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The day has arrived. Here are my thoughts:

- yep, it’s a bit flat. Tiny hiss when I opened the bottle (which was well chilled). Poured vigorously but no foam. Not unexpected after following the thread!
- as black as.....a very black thing. And a vinuous and almost silky texture as I poured it. A really unusual and exciting visual of beer.
- the aroma is huge, I didn’t even have to lift the glass up to catch it. Lots of roast, a little bit of chocolate and plenty of a sort of burnt sugar character, in a good way, maybe from the long boil?
- flavour characters are similar to the aroma. It slightly made me think of marmite (I love it so don’t worry!) which I think is what pro tasters would call umami, which comes from dark malts I think (?)
- it’s slightly sweet but the bitterness and roast all play together nicely and the final taste in my mouth was a drying bitterness of roast malt, which is great
- the lack of carbonation isn’t a problem. It isn’t totally flat, it has a bit of fizz in each sip and that’s enough.

Most impressively, this is a 16+% beer that doesn’t have any hot alcohol and barely any noticeable alcohol character at all. You couldn’t fool yourself that it was a 4% beer, but it could easily be ‘only’ an 8%er. That shows you got the fermentation spot on and is a heck of an achievement.

Thanks so much for sending this, I feel very honoured! I wouldn’t want to try and put a score on this because it’s such a unique beer experience, but it was absolutely excellent. Cheers!


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Apr 8, 2014
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Galle Crater, Mars
Thanks @Ajhutch, I appreciate your review and the kind words :hat:

I think that the absence of hot alcohol is entirely down to the kveik yeast and nothing to do with any skill on my part!