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    I'm not usually right but think I might be this time. Just need somebody to confirm my workings before I add some yeast for pulp fermentation.

    Just about to make a couple of gallons of mixed fruit wine with the addition of a litre of pure grape juice and 250g of barley (crushed) per gallon. Instead of the usual kilo of fruit per gallon, I have upped it to 1.5 kilo as advised by the owner of our local HBS.

    Right, now down to the total sugar per gallon in the pulp ferment.

    A 1 kilo bag of dried mixed fruit from Tesco contains 67.1g of sugar per 100g of product, so that's 671g per bag x 2 (2kg) = 1342g.

    A 500g bag of sultanas from Tesco contains 64.7g of sugar per 100g of product, so that's 323.5g per bag x 2 (2 x 500g bags) = 647g.

    Total fruit sugar = 1989g

    1 litre of red grape juice contains 16.1g of sugar per 100ml, so that's 161g x 2 (2 litres) = 322g

    Total sugar 1989 + 322 = 2311g divided by 2 (2 gallons) = 1155.5g (or 2.54 Ib) of sugar in each gallon.

    Based on these calculations and reading from a conversion chart in CCJ Berry's book 'First Steps In Winemaking', 2.54 Ib of sugar per gallon will give an SG of between 1085 and 1090 and an ABV of just under 12%.

    If this is the case and my calculations are right, no sugar is to be added to the recipe at the start of pulp fermentation. Once I pulp ferment for 4 days and transfer into demijohns, surely I won't be extracting every bit of sugar from the fruit.

    What extra sugar would you advise I use to step feed once the SG is down to 1010. Wanting a wine that is around the 13% mark.

    Another thought. The info I have used is based on an online version of CJJ Berry's book. It looks to be a much older version. Are these sugar tables as accurate as todays info.


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