Trashy blonde clone mkII

Discussion in 'Beer Brewdays!' started by brumbrew, Oct 7, 2018.

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    Well it's a clone of the grain bill anyway. Well close. I dumped the extra 100g of each from last batch and just knocked the MO down a bit.

    Dirty brunette mkII

    2.8 kg marris otter
    500 Munich
    500 cara

    Dough in at 50c
    Rest for half an hour
    Raised to 60 for an hour
    Mash out at 75

    Noticed a little scorching on the bottom of the tun. I use gas. Cleaned this off before the boil. Couldn't be bothered to was another boil vessel so was using the same one for mash and boil.

    Had to sparge in two batches as the big sieve thing from ikea can't hold all the grain. Sparged it all. Run the wort back through the grains using an fv to catch it all. Then run in back through the grain again into the boil kettle.

    Took ages to get to the boil. Even on the biggest burner. 16 litres normally comes to the boil in 10-15 minutes. The door was open because the dog was running about. I blame it on her.

    Got a good rolling boil.

    Junga 60 mins 25g
    Irish moss last 15 min
    Galanga flame out 50g in a bag

    Had a high boil off loss and wort came out at 22 plato. Way to high. But convenient to water down and drop the temp.

    Added the bag of late addition to the fv strained the wort through another muslin bag tied to the opening of the fv. Caught a lot of trub and 99% of the hop debris.

    Left to cool. Walked the doggo. All cleaned up and waiting for pitching temp.
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