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In a word no, when i make it i use 100% apple juice from concentrate, the 2 preservatives will stop the yeasties doing their job

Cheers I thought so I used a kit tastes not bad but concerned it was a bit watery tasting I will try just juice see how that goes might be my yeast I have EC 1118 but some say it strips out taste so might look at other yeasts
I used 2 of these, CML are in Glasgow or go to the website
Going to try oaking my next Turbo Cider. Have got some vanilla flavoured oak chips on the way. Could be nice, could be horrible 😁

It'll still get drunk though (can always add black current cordial) 🤣
Looping back to the yeast parts (only just spotted this thread) I always use Fermipan bread yeast. It doesn't completely dry it out and it leaves a distinct apple flavour.

As its turbo cider I've never measured the yeast quantity, probably just less than a level teaspoon in 15 litres :confused.:

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