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Dec 26, 2014
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1. Have racked off my first bucket of the season. I'm planning to transfer to bottles with a bit of sugar to get a dry sparkling product. Last year I followed instructions that directed an early bottling, just a week or so after fermentation was complete. But I see that some leave in the buckets for months before bottling. Which is best and what effect does it have?

2. After enduring a slight delay to fermentation on the above (see other post), my third bucket has now had 5 days of non-fermenting after a dose of Mangrove Jack yeast. There is a slight pressure on the airlock but this seems like it might need a bit of help. What is the best way to get it started - and if that involves adding more yeast, how much to 25L?

3. I've still got apples on trees and for my 4th batch I'm wondering whether I can add some other fruit to give it a different flavour. I have access to blackberries and raspberries. Anyone done anything like that before?


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May 11, 2021
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Stoke on trent, UK
Leaving on sediment will just make it clearer as that won't be all the sediment thats fallen down yet, so less sediment in your bottles once primed and fizzy, whats your hydrometer reading on the stuck ferment? If the yeast is in there more won't help, unless the yeast was dead before adding has it fermented at all? Blackberries and raspberries together make a great mixed berry taste like kopperberg

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