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Tynt Meadow Blonde.

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Not great TBH. Has an overwhelming earthy aroma and flavour. If I wanted to be nice I could just about say it was really dark chocolate, but it doesn't seem to work in a lighter beer (apparently same ingredients as the original).
I thought the original was overwhelmed by black treacle (my guess). I guess I like the idea of a British Trappist more than the reality.
I never got the reference to Led Zeps album until I moved to the Midlands.

I’ll have to seek that one out.
I didn't get it until you just told me as despite being a West Midlander and despite LZ being inspired to write Stairway etc.by a view about 5 miles from our place in Wales I have never been knocked out by them. In 1971 I was on the entertainments committee at Southampton Uni where I got free admission to their concert and found them technically able but a bit robotic so after 20 minutes adjourned to the bar for a couple of pints of Strongs Bitter!
I can’t drink my own beer now because I’ve cleaned the lines and disconnected all the kegs. My brew shed is off-line as we’re off to Cyprus in the early hours. I do however have a good selection of canned/bottled beers to keep me going. I’m starting with this Ernest Pale from No Frills Joe Brewing Company.
That Ernest Joe was really nice, I do like Ernest hops. Staying with hoppy and pale(ish) this Westie from Badger Brewery next. It has a nice bitterness to it and it is a nice beer but the flavour to me is not quite what you’d expect from American hops, I wonder if the Amarillo hops are not playing nicely with the Cascade and Mosaic hops?
Good luck 🤞
Retire to the coast, life's alot better being close to the water 🌊
Oh yes! We’re downsizing to a new build that’s a 15 minute walk to the north shore of Belfast lough, and 10 minutes to the train station. I plan to divide my time between there and Castlerock, and if I’m not in the sea at least I can see it☺️
Just need to get to get Southfork sold and all will be grand. More contemplation required


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