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It’s hard work being retired
Midweek alcohol free unfortunately. I find this AF Guinness and Brooklyn Special Effects Hoppy Lager to be the most bearable!View attachment 99707
If it's available nearby, I heartily recommend the Big Drop Brewing products.
The Galactic Milk Stout was a go-to until AF Guinness came out. But I still do partake.
The Pine Trail IPA is a really nice light IPA. They also do a brown ale which is good.

They also have seasonal beers. All they do is AF.
Looks great H! I've not been abroad for 30 years.
Seeing the image on that avatar flag of yours Clint,
I had thought you LIVE abroad (from me in England) anyway.
And you have the privilege of having a culture, by being your side of Offa's dyke!
We have no culture here,
I've never even been to Leeds!
(Except for the village just East of Maidstone, and that doesn't count).
I’m a bit slow on posting tonight because we met up with a Cypriot friend and had a few beers. We’ll met up with him again on the Turkish side in July. Also met another friend tonight we haven’t seen for about 5 years. A good day for old friends! This is what’s left of my last NEIPA 🤷‍♂️

Couldn’t get a convenient hotel anywhere in Dublin tonight, it’s the fault of either Dion Warwick, Jimmy Carr or the Europa League final. I’m blaming Warwick. I’ve ended up in the rather lovely Castleknock Hotel. I used to live about a mile from here almost 20 years ago. I went a rather glorious run in Phoenix Park after work. And now I’m have a rather glorious pint of Guinness.
It’s a pity the journey back to Sandyford is going to be such a ba11ache tomorrow morning.

(In other news, the settling time-pint quality rule is still working well).

View attachment 99743A pint of the best bitter I brewed a couple of weeks ago.

It’s come out really nice. I am currently brewing it again but with Jester & Olicana hops instead of EKG & Bramling cross.
If you’re going Jester and Olicana, I’d go more pale, a little more dry, and a tad more carbonation. They really suit golden ale 😉.

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