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Hey guys. This was last night's drinks etc. in World of Beer. Haven't managed to get many pics so far but will try harder now.

I had a beer flight and then a limoncello mojito cocktail. The food was shrimp tacos with beer cheese on the side (so good!) 😍

We are going to a barbecue place today and I'm looking forward to that.

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I misread that as beer fight at first. I was thinking - must be a good do :laugh8:
We are at Veil Brewing Co and I have a Apple Brandy Whangdoodle imperial Stout.

More of the same. I was just watching the silhouette of a couple of insects through the canopy of our gazebo dancing around each other like a couple of bi-planes dogfighting - it gave me a giggle anyway 😂. Is it 8 o’clock yet?
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That reminds me. We were abroad and this huge fly buzzed past me and landed close by. I got up and had a look and it was carrying a wasp with its middle legs ashock1. I backed away.

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