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To be honest, I can't even remember if I posted Saturday's drinks, so here goes :

A quick snifter of my Camden, then rapidly on to Lindeman's Bin65 Chardonnay with roast chicken.
A great combo.
Malcolm Gluck was right, people, supermarket wine is way better if rested for 6 months.
Pity it was the last one we had that proved him right!
Boddington's: I've followed someone down the "original Boddington's recipe" rabbit hole. (you?)
The only conclusion I could see from the recipes shown there, throughout the years, was constant change, especially of hops used.
I think it came down to as few and as cheaply as was available at the time.
In essence I think it was bittering that was required, that and being fermented to dryness to enhance it.
Which is exactly what it uniquely was,
it certainly cleaned the pipes! 🍺
I would have liked to have brewed this beer which is supposedly a love letter to Boddingtons but I just cant imagine Boddingtons using Comet and Ekuanot hops.
Second iteratrion of a Smoked Honey Porter, using Gladfields Manuka Smoked malt for effect. Initially inspired years ago when saw some smoked honey at my butchers, and thought, "yeah, beer". Googled around and discovered that the American President of the time had done extract home brew of a smoked honey porter. So, yeah. Taking more notice of taste these days with regard to development of a beer, probblt like to get a bit more roast into this for complexity. Still, tasty enough, but without those roastier notes which I reckon would really lift this up many degrees.


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I really like this beer the Fullers London Pride clone can't wait to get over there and try some of the other UK beers. My sister is marooned in Loughborough so I will be trying the East Midland beers, I may go up to the far north, Corbridge, where I drew my first breath.
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Oooo. I live 6 miles south of Corbridge. We should have a pint in the Black Bull.