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Verdant sniffing the wrong people
After avoiding a knock on the door from the brewing mafia for nearly spilling the beans I legged it up to York. Brew York, Valhalla, pivar (next door to Valhalla) and both of the house of the trembling madness.The first two and last three beers were on the train up and train back. 😁

I did manage to do all the brew York impys. Although had to take one back to the apartment. Weirdly it was 50p dearer in brew York than the stone gate trembling madness bottle shop 🤔
Had a beer in the LHBS, there was 8 liters of wort left from a 1,000-litre production run of fresh wort kits. Put into a 10-litre keg and fermented in the Keg Master. It had 80 gram of dry hops and is now being served from the fermenter. I was surprised at the clarity as it is from the fermenter with 80 gram of dry hops!
So now anyone can make a decent beer at home with little outlay, and it was a decent beer.

This evening the first drink is the favourable Boston Bitter, this is one that I will always keep available.
View attachment 101676
Second, third, and fourth is the Bass clone. Though a bit thin still enjoyable.
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I used to drink (and like) Bass in Bambra’s in Newcastle (where they set off from in the song Blaydon races). It used to take revenge the next day on anyone downwind :eek:
What you can make with 5kg of best ale malt hops are tropical England mix from Cml and midland yeast, this would cost 6-7 pounds in a city pub and I would be happy with it View attachment 101669
CML Tropical England is my go to summer beer, I’ve considered make it with just pale malt but I think on balance I prefer the wee bit of sweetness/maltiness that a wee bit of Munich and amber malt give so have continued to use the recipe Crossmyloof has on their website. Also there Māori Mingle hop blend also produce a really great beer if you feel like a change from Tropical England.

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