What are you listening to tonight.

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I’ve been competing in a Music League with some guys from a Facebook Group I’m in and it’s been really fun.

Would anyone be up for a HBF League?

You pick a song from Spotify, it creates a playlist and everyone votes on the songs.

I don’t have Spotify, so I have been creating an Apple Music playlist with the songs from the league and I would do the same if we had a HBF league.

More info here: https://app.musicleague.com/home/

If we have enough interest I’ll start a new thread for it.
Two new albums arrived this morning, The Harmony Codex and The Raven That Refused To Sing (and other stories), both by Steven Wilson.
It made for a very enjoyable afternoon.


I particularly like the ‘Coca Cola bottle’ clear vinyl on Harmony

Picked up the 1/2 speed master of Love Over Gold. The sound quality is incredible, higher frequencies aren’t lost to the same degree and the whole sound is a lot more ‘present’ as a consequence.
Telegraph Road is one of my desert island discs.



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