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Folklore is an excellent album. Definitely a massive pleasant surprise back in 2020, and it had me delve into a lot of her back catalogue.

I find it quite hit and miss but she’s an excellent songwriter.

And this is coming from someone who is primarily into mid-90s skate-punk/punk-rock (for those in the know, Epitaph/Fat stuff mainly).
Off topic, but this was one of my favourite albums at the time. Listening back there are many better Fat Wreck / Epitaph compilations but I’ll always have a soft spot for this.

It’s Epitaph’s Punk-o-Rama 3 that’s my favourite comp.
Good shout. Vol 2 was the first one I bought and still the one I know best. A favourite of mine is DFL - thought control. I didn’t realise for a long time that DFL was founded by two of the Beastie Boys as a side project.
A 26 year old female colleague of mine is a big fan and off to see her on current tour.
Not so. I was weaned on black sabbath and deep purple, yes, crimson and all the good progressive band. Couldn't abide motown when that came, along and punk still makes me want to vomit.
BUT my kids were into Metallica, sepultura, rage against the machine, machine head etc. Loved it and I've got loads of their CDs although I still can't get on with chilli's and aerosmith. Later on the Scandinavian metal, fintroll, Moonsorrow etc. Still love and listen to Moonsorrow. So I'm still looking out for good stuff, it doesn't have to be the Beatles.
My son has given me electric 6 ....

but dance commander , synthesizer, hi voltage and outside of those lucifer airlines what a find. We both discovered Rammstein about the same time, we've been to E6 - 3 times , Rammstein, Gary Numan, John Foxx, Lordi and Hanzel und Greytl together. Thing is about HuG each album is a different metal, so some I like more than others. My boy and I do share a lot of music.


Check this out and if you find something new you love send me a beer wink...
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