Wilkinson's Rose Wine Kit

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Apr 5, 2019
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I thought i would do a review on this kit as i couldn't find no info on it before purchasing.
I bought this kit as the Range have ran out of there Rose kit, this is the only kit i've used so can only compare it to this.

Price was £19.99 and it comes in a can rather than a bag like the range, the instructions seemed straight forward, 3.5kg of tate & lyle sugar then add the wine juice, then yeast. There was no Oak chips in this kit.
Left to ferment for 8 days, it certainly seemed more active than the range kit, fizzing quite well. I added the stabilizer and finnings as instructed, as my drill was not available i couldn't use my wand to degass but give it a good stir instead and left to clear for 8 days in a cool place. As i didn't have enough bottles i racked into a clean bucket, it was here i realised it was still cloudy. After searching the forum i bought some kwick clear, due to a mix up it was another 4 days before this arrived, i drew a sample before using to find the brew had cleared on its own, so that's approx 12 days to clear instead of my normal 2-3. During bottling i could see the wine was a lovely colour, much deeper red than the range kit which looks rusty compared to this. The wine is also very sweet, The range wine i have to add an extra 750g to get it sweet how the wife likes it so i'm glad i never added any more to this kit. The disappointing bit for me is it don't have that kick the range kit does. 1 bottle of that and your slurring your words lol. A hydrometer reading shows 120 and it 's in the black the bottling range ( Wilko Hydrometer) so i'm not sure what the alcohol % is but it seems very weak compared to the range brew. The smell is ever so slightly eggy in the bottle, but fine in the glass.

I was dissapointed with the kit at first, but the colour looks amazing and if it was that little bit stronger i would purchase it over the range kit.

I have just started a magnum rose wine kit from the love brewing site so will give a review on that when its done.


Feb 6, 2017
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If your final read was 1020 then it hadn't or shouldn't have finished fermenting. That would explain both the sweetness and and lack of "kick" as it should really be at the 1000 or lower that's at least an extra 2.5 abv.

I suspect your black bottling mark (which is at 1010 on my hydrometer) is for beer.


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Sep 10, 2018
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Warrington, Cheshire
I started this wine yesterday with the intention of making into a sparkling/Prosecco type wine, I saw the details on Love Brewing Web Site so thought I would give it a go, anyone one else done this? if so any thoughts or tips would be most welcome!