Wineworks Barolo Review

Discussion in 'Wine & Cider Kit Reviews' started by Gassman, May 15, 2013.

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    Well this was my first foray into home brewing in 30 years and my how it has all changed for the better

    I sourced a shop in Liverpool local to me via Google ( Love Brewing on West Derby Road Liverpool )and went down there for a visit after reading extensively and what an eye opener it was with all that has progressed since my last time

    Anyway I digress, as this was my first born so to speak I wanted it to be right and everything ran smoothly from start to finish though I did call in the shop and ask a few questions and was helped out a lot

    Wine is crystal clear and tastes fantastic and though 29 bottles came out, I am now down to 17 due to my eagerness at tasting for the first time.

    15 days after bottling and the taste has come on even more and I will be down to the shop this week to purchase another box as this is a saver.

    It was the superior kit that was purchased and not the premium

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